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When was the last time you felt really healthy?

The truth is, the average diet may be missing some crucial nutrients, leaving you feeling tired, bloated and generally under the weather.
Whilst getting healthy may be a long term commitment, it is possible to achieve great results in a week.
The One Week Tweak package is a personalised, nutritionist designed eating plan, aimed at elevating the way you look and feel in just 7 short days.
No fad diets, no shakes, no slimming products, just real food recommendations based on the latest science.

What is it?
The One Week Tweak is a personalised 7-day eating plan, designed by registered nutritional therapist Eva Humphries.
It takes the guess work out of what to eat to feel great by providing you with a week's worth of meal suggestions and recipes.
Based on the latest scientific evidence, the programme boosts nutrient levels by enlisting specific foods and food combinations.

Who is it for?
The One Week Tweak can be used to kickstart weight loss, reduce bloating or to re-energise.
If you are always on a diet or always starting your diet another day then this structured plan can help by refocusing your efforts and correcting bad habits.
Click here to buy the One Week Tweak package and see how much better you could feel in a week.

This plan is aimed at the general population. If you are suffering with a pre-existing health condition, please take a look at the "Upgrade Your Health" service for a more in-depth approach or email if you have a question.


One Week Tweak
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