"The people working for you are your company. The more you care about them and show them you care, the more they will care about their work. "
Mark Beatson, Chief Economist at The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development [CIPD]


A healthy workforce is a happier and more productive workforce.
This shouldn't come as a surprise, since investing in wellbeing doesn't just pay back through increased productivity, it also leads to greater staff retention and lower sickness or absence costs.
So you regularly purchase some fruit for the office and yet the miraculous transformation into a super motivated workforce hasn't happened. Is that bowl of fruit getting you and your teams a return on investment or is it just ticking a box on the company wellbeing scheme?
Hiring a registered nutritional therapist for a corporate wellness day is the kind of reward that has the ability to empower and motivate employees whilst delivering long term benefits for your company.
Through engaging workshops, on-site nutritional therapy consultations or company-wide weight loss schemes, a qualified nutritional therapist can champion wellbeing and put your employees in the driving seat of their own health.

About Eva:
Eva Humphries, DipION, mBANT, CNHC, is a registered nutritional therapist with a realistic approach to wellness.
Having spent a large number of years working in an office in the IT sector, Eva knows that dieting rarely promotes the kind of positivity and productivity that businesses need. Smart nutrition isn't about denial, it is about adding in vital nutrients instead of avoiding every "bad" food group.
Eva focuses on delivering engaging workshops that translate the latest thinking in nutritional science into realistic, easy to implement advice to promote long term health.
Her corporate wellness programmes motivate and inspire, delivering tangible, company-wide wellbeing benefits.


What some customers have said:

I have heard the words “enthralled” and “inspired” after the sessions you have run here, so thanks for making wellness and nutrition so enjoyable and easy to understand.
— Dynamic Wealth Management
Eva was a real asset to our Health & Wellbeing event, she provided a great insight to our staff who found her talk very informative!
— Ocado

Nutrition Workshops

A 60-minute workshop which translates the latest in nutritional science into realistic, easy to implement advice that promotes long term health.
Workshops are perfect for smaller businesses, as part of a wellbeing day or to a wider wellness initiative.
The exact topics can be tailored to the demographic of your workforce and may include "Supercharge your health", "Fuel your energy" and "Diet fact or fiction?".
Prices from £350

Corporate wellness days

Corporate wellness days are the ideal solution to promote long-term wellbeing.
They are tailored to your organisation, typically encompassing two 30-60 minute nutrition workshops through the day to cater for a larger workforce and include a drop-in nutritional therapy clinic for individuals.
Remote workers can also be catered for via webinars and phone-based consultations.

Prices from £650

The School of Wellbeing

The 'School of Wellbeing' is a 6-part, monthly programme of talks and workshops to provide continuous wellness education.
Each month, a different topic is presented, covering the basics of good nutrition, improving mood through food and looking after vital assets such as the brain and heart, amongst others.
The talk is followed by a fun workshop such as ‘how to make the perfect breakfast smoothie’.


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