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Nutrition is a powerful tool that can transform the way you feel, look and live your life. 
Thanks to ever changing recommendations, it is also an increasingly complicated topic. 
Nutritional therapy is designed to take the guess work out of what promotes optimum health. Through a monthly consultation, it offers a truly personalised service to upgrade your health and improve long-term wellness.
If you wish you could feel better, have more energy or simply become a better version of yourself then nutritional therapy is for you. 

The consultation
The initial consultation is one hour, followed by 45 minute follow up sessions at 30 day intervals. 
Before the first appointment, a comprehensive questionnaire, symptoms map and 3 day food diary are completed.
The initial consultation is spent discussing your goals or health concerns, followed by a scientific explanation and the negotiation of a programme of improvements.
You will have a chance to ask questions as well as acquire some of the latest scientific knowledge from the field of nutrition.

The advice
1. The advice given is based on the latest science.
Each recommendation made to you is backed by a credible source of information such as a randomised controlled trial, meta-analysis or cohort study. This will ensure that you benefit from the highest quality of evidence based advice.
2. The advice given is unique, taking into account your individual differences.
As humans, we are all slightly different, for example, some of us like certain foods, others loath them. In very much the same way, individual differences exist in the way our bodies process nutrients, toxins, hormones and so on. 
The advice given to you takes into account how your body may be working, making adjustments according to your needs. 
With nutritional therapy, you can expect science backed, individualised advice not a mass produced, low quality diet plan.

Private laboratories can be used for testing to improve understanding of your existing health.
Tests may include fatty acids profiles, liver functional tests, adrenal stress tests, gastrointestinal and DNA profiles.
Nutritional therapy is about enhancing your health, not for diagnosis, so you will always be referred back to your GP should any red flag symptoms arise. 

Who is it for
Whether you have a specific health concern or just want to increase your energy, nutritional therapy can be an effective tool in upgrading your health. Here is a small sample of conditions that may be approached with nutrition:
- burn out/ fatigue
- high cholesterol
- digestive issues, including bloating and IBS
- thyroid conditions
- migraines
- weight loss
- blood sugar regulation

Ready to upgrade your health? Choose a nutritional therapy package to suit you or contact Eva for further information.

Kickstart package

A two consultation package including a one hour initial and a 45 minute follow up consultation to upgrade your health.

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Initial consultation

A one-hour, initial nutritional therapy consultation.

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Follow up consultation

A 45 minute follow up consultation.

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