Kickstart package


Kickstart package


A two consultation package including a one hour initial and a 45 minute follow up consultation to upgrade your health.

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Aimed as a starting point in upgrading your health, this best value nutritional therapy package includes a one-hour initial consultation, followed by a 45 minute follow up consultation a month later.
The consultations may be completed at a time to suit you via Skype or Google Hangouts.
Click here for further information about nutritional therapy.

The initial consultation:
Prior to the initial consultation, you will be required to complete a nutritional therapy questionnaire and 3-day food diary. Both of these documents will be emailed to you after completion of the purchase.
During the initial consultation, a comprehensive lifestyle and diet review will be conducted. This will be followed by goal setting, a scientific explanation and the negotiation of a new diet and lifestyle plan to move you forward.
The consultation is fully personalised, taking into account how much change you are able to take on. It is less about the perfect diet and more about healthy, long-term progress. 

The follow-up consultation:
The 45-minute follow-up consultation takes place a month later. 
Progress is reviewed, a new scientific explanation is provided and a cumulative diet and lifestyle plan is designed.
Any relevant test results may also be evaluated during this stage.
The follow-up consultation is designed for accelerated progress with base level knowledge passed on for continuous, self-guided improvement.

Further follow-up consultations may be necessary and can be purchased here.