What I learnt from Ocado

Over a week ago, I had the pleasure of joining Ocado for a corporate wellness day. The day, which included an expert-led nutrition talk and mini nutrition consultations by me, proved to be an insightful exercise and even threw up a few unexpected truths.
Here is what I learnt:

Having more energy is the main priority
The number one improvement requested by employees during the nutrition consultations was to have more energy. Most tend to flake out after lunch.

Men care about nutrition (tech guys included)
If you are a guy and reading this, advanced apologies. In the world of nutrition, 75% of my client base if female. Women are simply more likely to seek out a nutritional therapist and at a fairly young age too. 
In a corporate environment, however, 75% of talk and consultation attendees were male and over 30. Interestingly, a large proportion were from the tech department.

Sitting all day = snacking
Most reported weight gain after starting to work in an office. The reality is, most offices have a culture of snacking.
You are in front of a computer, you are bored and the answer almost always tends to be: snack time.

A realistic steady start
This was probably the most surprising finding of all.
Most employees know what a healthy diet is, it’s all over social media, newspapers, magazines and the like. It’s not exactly hard to find the information if you look for it but the very thing that most employees really wanted is a realistic, small start that they could implement without having to go on an impossible eating regime.

Luckily, realistic, personalised nutrition is my strong point. 
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