Figs, vanilla cashew cream, torn mint

As a self-confessed cake addict (yes, even nutritionists like cake) there are only a handful of non-cake based sweet treats that I find satisfying.
Fresh figs are one such treat and luckily, they are in season right now. 
Of course, my inner fat kid won't just eat figs on their own, so I also created a creamy cashew vanilla dip to complement the mellow, soft and crunchy, texture of figs. Garnished with some torn mint leaves, this assembly job of a dish is the perfect guilt free snack.

4-5 figs
1/2 cup of raw cashews, soaked overnight
2 Medjool dates
5 drops of vanilla extract
4-5 fresh mint leaves

To make the vanilla cashew cream, put the soaked cashews, pitted dates and vanilla extract in a blender. Pour in half a cup of water and blend until smooth. Pour the cashew cream into a small serving bowl.
Cut the figs in half, scatter over the mint leaves and serve with the bowl of vanilla cashew dip.