Camping eggs

May was a particularly sunny and surprisingly warm month in the UK. To capitalise on the sunshine, I moved the “office” (basically just my laptop) to Devon for a long weekend, camping at a beautiful site near Hope Cove.
To save from eating out 3x a day, breakfast materials were sourced from a local store, the only shop for miles.
This high protein combination of eggs, mushrooms, spinach and tomato was really easy to cook in a single pan on a camping stove and was duly named “the camping breakfast”. It remains one of my favourite ways to start the day.

Ingredients for 2
6 eggs
a punnet of cherry tomatoes, halved
a punnet of chestnut mushrooms, sliced
Two handfuls of spinach
Sea salt and black pepper
Parmesan (optional)

Crack the eggs into a bowl and whisk lightly.
Put the pan on a medium high heat and melt a good knob of butter. Throw in the mushrooms, season with sea salt and black pepper and cook for a couple of minutes.
Add the cherry tomatoes and spinach to the same pan, cook for another couple of minutes, season again with salt & pepper.
Push the veggies to one side of the pan, add a slice of butter to the empty side and pour in the eggs. Let it cook for a minute then scramble lightly. When the eggs are cooked to your liking, move some of the vegetables across so to mix the eggs and veg.
Divide between two plates, season with a pinch of sea salt and some black pepper and finish with a sprinkling of freshly grated parmesan cheese.