Vegan two minute ice cream

If you are vegan or just trying to avoid dairy, fear not, there is an amazing frozen treat for you.
You may have seen my previous post for a "super speedy frozen yoghurt" recipe. This one is the same, except I swapped the yoghurt for some Ecomil almond cooking cream.
The amazing creamy consistency of ice cream remains but it is totally guilt and dairy free.
And the best part? It only takes two minutes to make. 
Keep some bananas in your freezer and you'll have an unlimited supply of vegan ice cream all summer long.


Ingredients for 5 scoops
2 bananas, frozen overnight
1 pack (200ml) of Ecomil almond cream
5 drops of vanilla extract

Peel and chop your bananas and freeze overnight.
The following day, pop all of the ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth (2 minutes approximately). Serve immediately.
For an added nutrient boost, top with raw cacao nibs, nuts or berries.

For best results, blend everything in a high-speed blender.
Having tested a few high-speed blenders, I now use the Optimum G2.1 by Froothie UK which is by far the most reliable. 
For free delivery on Froothie products, quote Wholefood Warrior when placing the order over the phone.